I failed


Someday, all clouds will be clear

I failed a lot of times. I admit, I been through a crisis where I don’t know where will I go and I have a lot of questions like does this even make sense?

Right now, I’m stalking her, I’m really curious about her and why I lose to her.

She’s not beautiful, she’s actually a so-so. She’s not even sexy, maybe curvy a lot.

But those are just physical things, my curiosity is really pushing me to know about her. She might be talented, now I know she is. She might be thoughtful and kind, now I know she is. She might be funny, now I know she. Overall, personality wins over looks.

I failed with my sucks personality, my egoistic and sociopath tendency to manipulate things are destroying my overall looks. I have a lot of insecurities, things that I am not happy about but these days, I realise that things are okay, even if you’re not perfect. I realise that I am just different, good different. I am just me, portraying my role perfectly (ops! close to perfect I mean).

I can’t consider this a failure anymore but rather just a stepping stone toward what I really want in life. I haven’t define anything because I am person who believes that expectations kills and can truly be painful.

I may failed a thousand times but I can never ever give up.

Those clouds are just too beautiful just like all my failures and my upcoming failures. Someday, I know, things will be clear enough, just like fate and destiny plays all along with me.


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