MOW: Versace on the floor

Bruno Mars is back! I love the way he writes and performs each of his song I become an instant fan.

Versace on the floor is a so-so rated x song, if you have a dirty mind though, it’s like a Bruno Mars sequel for the song “Our First Time”.

My favourite verse would be

“Girl, you know you’re perfect from
Your head down to your heels
Don’t be confused by my smile
‘Cause I ain’t ever been more for real, for real”

It’s like the person is talking very sincerely that it is not a one night stand but a make out for love. I sound so cheesy but that’s the best thing about Bruno, he can relay each song with a heart and pure intention to entertain and inspire people whoever they are and whatever they are currently going through right now.

The lines are also just in time for the  celebration of the IWD. It’s a reminder that women are just perfect for any man who truly loves her.

Now, let’s dance to his music. Enjoy Versace on the Floor.

Posted in: MOW

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