Beauty and the Beast


“Would you ever like a beast like me?”

Something hit me about the movie and the song, that’s why I like to have it on my music of the week, aside from the fact that my colleague keeps on singing it in the office.

I am odd, fairly different than the rest. I am just like Belle and the Beast, I am not yet at the right time where my oddness and weirdness will be welcome by most people around.

Beauty and the beast was a very classic song, Celine Dione popularized it and now Ariana Grande and John Legend have a very great revival of it. It’s too touching and the following lyrics are just too beautiful, like poems whispering softly and gently.

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

It’s telling me somehow, that someday, somebody will bend, and my love blooms unexpectedly.

Let’s listen to Ariana and John revival of Beauty and the Beast.

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

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