Half Crazy


I can’t understand guys!

It’s amazing that they are noticing me a bit, maybe?

But is it just me or are they are real players?

I’m sure that I am not yet ready for love nor it’s not even my priority. I have a jam pack of plans and most of them are not yet realize. I have yet to conquer my greatest fear that is to know the real status of my health. I think I’ll switch to becoming vegetarian soon because for the past three weeks, I can’t help but eat junk foods and those greasy foods and not to mention, carbs!

Back to my half craziness, so I am confuse, why do guys are so confusing or is it just me. Am I too playing hard to get when I always think that I am just an easy prey. No matter what I think, everyday, I am getting convince to risk a bit more, to get hurt, to love and become more human again, those feeling of letting go and breaking free. I am just too grateful.

Maybe I will understand soon but for now, let’s the playing begins!


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