You are too much


Here is another series that I’m currently watching. It’s stars one of my favorite “Noona!”

I watch the first four episode so far and I can say that it’s kind of similar to some chinese drama called “Beautiful Secret”, though of course not exactly the same but it has some feels on it.

Ku Hye Sun is back, I really like her ever since Boy Over Flowers, I mean she is so talented with all her accomplishments, definitely an inspiration. On this drama, she will play with Uhm Jung Hwa (Witch Romance, Seducing Mr Perfect), which is also my favorite. Two tough and brilliant actress indeed.

Based on the four episode, looks like there will be a lot of back stories and several focus area on the drama. There are a lot of characters which I’m sure will add different flavor on the duration of the drama. The drama is up until 50 episode, maybe that where they coming from, it would be very boring if the story is just all about the woman trying to take some kind of revenge with each other.

Overall, I am pretty excited  with it. Looks like it’s going to be another addiction to watch out!



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