Recently, things inside the bay is getting tougher. My silence is disappearing slowly. I am about to explode but my logic is working, giving me more and more reason to understand or maybe to believe again. 

I heard from someone that I am one of the most hated person in the room and I am about to cry.

My tears are forming, my heart is aching. 

It’s been two years since those things happen. They left me. The friends that I thought will understand me left me. The pain is still here and maybe I haven’t move on. I don’t ask them to be at my side or even tolerate me but I ask them to understand me which seems very hard for closed minded group like them. 

Then I realize, why do I keep thinking about it. It been part of the past and I can say that it was already been done. Lessons have been learned. Words have been said and what’s left is another better tomorrow after all I have good friends outside, I have a great family and most importantly I have Him in my life. 

These echoes of the past will continue to haunt me but I know, if I continue to improve and to be kind, then I will be okay. Things would be fine. 


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