MOW: Dive by Ed Sheeran


Coming from the his latest album, “Divide”, Dive has a very mellow and slow dance vibe. The lyrics are  also so good that it was too simple but meaningful.

Here is my favorite lines:

Oh, maybe I came on too strong
Maybe I waited too long
Maybe I played my cards wrong
Oh, just a little bit wrong
Baby I apologize for it

I also like the chorus part but I like the lines above more because its like telling my story or my previous feelings. It does hit me for a while telling me that maybe I am just overthinking and manipulating so much and I ended hurting the people who care for me.

Though it was already been part of the past, I feel apologetic still to that person. Slowly I realise that this is for the best because I’m happy that I did not call that person baby because really I will really not mean it.

When the right time comes, I will dive into someone’s life but for now, I will learn how to swim.

There is no official music video yet for this song but here is the link for the Audio.

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