Sunday Adventure

Lately, I becoming more and more lazy to write. I know, I should not because I have a lot of things to share and tell the world.

I been to a lot of different places for the past few weeks and I can’t really believe that I have able to do that.

First in my adventure was visiting and attending a mass in Manila Cathedral. I felt that someone is guiding me when I enter the church. I been longing for a miracle to happen lately and I know one of this days, it will happen but for now I will stop on worrying and enjoy what God have given me.


The church architecture is amazing, its very classical but I must admit that it was not huge as I imagine. Maybe one day, when I met the one, I will get married in that church. I really felt that it was my home, second is the GreenBelt Chapel of course.

After I completed the mass, I suddenly got a hiccup, maybe I am just in love with the church at that very moment. I went to the nearest fast food which is directly opposite the church and grab some water and of course to eat since it is almost lunch.


I, first went to KFC but I realise that I am allergic to chicken so I switch to Chowking and ordered some fish meal. It was a fulfilling lunch. Without any plans, I went ahead and walk toward the church again to take some pictures and find my way back home. I thought, I just need to find Luneta Park and ride train but something came up suddenly, Manila Ocean Park is pulling me.

I walk about 2km (based on Google map), with Manila Cathedral as my starting point and Manila Ocean Park as my end point. It was a very tiring walk and stressful indeed. I felt that I am the only one who is walking on the streets but I keep on thinking that I just want to explore. I have able to see the location of Planetarium, visited San Agustin Church, found a way to commute to Intramuros and an unexpected museum and souvenir shops. It was a lot indeed.

I reach Manila Ocean Park at around 1:30 in the afternoon, I keep on contemplating if I will go for the Christmas Village or the other package and I realise that I should have trusted my instinct and go with the Christmas Village as I am not pretty impressed with the Jelly Fish Exhibit, find it really boring but magical in some parts.


I wasted some money but I enjoyed the Oceanarium, which is the main reason why I want to go to Manila Ocean Park. I saw Nemo and Dory and even their cute friends. Gosh, I think I also saw Patrick, the starfish from Sponge Bob Squarepants, sadly no Sponge Bob.

The Sharks are really amazing, they  are cute and lazy but probably deadly.

I realise for this adventure that I been missing a lot for not travelling. I been crazy being afraid to be alone and being with people. This serve as my gateway to finally be a little brave and re-think about my life purpose. I heard it from a friend that our purpose is already in front of us, it’s our daily responsibility but I must disagree with him, I think I am uncovering that my purpose, our purpose is the one that will make us feel the life that we have. It’s a journey toward self-discovery and life interdependency.


Soon, I will travel more, whether with some one else or with just myself, after all, I am travelling now with purpose, to feel the life with nature and people.


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