I’m off today

Yey! I’m off today and I feel so lazy and frustrated. I actually ate two cup of rice and a can of century tuna afritada. I didn’t take my breakfast again and I got stuck on watching the NBA game between Celtics and Cleveland.

I ate a lot and I feel so frustrated how can I loose weight. I am a 27 years fat loser who can’t control my craving on eating habit.

The real culprit is my sleeping pattern. I been sleeping so late like 2 am for almost two months already or more. I should put a stop on this because my health is at risk. Though I am not sure how. I should really tired myself so I can fall asleep easily right?

And I decided to push my self really hard to change my lifestyle.

What is my ideal lifestyle then?

I woke up at around 5:30 am , for the next 15 minutes, I am reflecting and straight to drink my 350 ml water in my bedside table. I fix my bed and prepare my breakfast.

My breakfast is a blanch carrot and some sweet cucumber. I ate them raw and I drink a freshly squeeze how lemon water.

This take me half an hour to complete, at 6 am, I prepare myself to take bath. This take me another 45 minutes to complete.

Before I take my work clothes, I did some 15 minutes high intensity training then I ‘m off to work. I feel so tired with the session but I feel energise

I end up my routine with a 5 minutes calming meditation

By 7:30 am, I am about to leave my apartment/room to travel to work. Traveling takes about one hour and while riding the train, I again meditate and think of only positive thing.

I arrived at the office. I get some water from the pantry and start on logging in to my machine. I check on my to dos on my planner and check emails. I put some flags on the items I need to do and perform first my priority BAUs.

I will be spending 1 hour each week to do some automation of reports and another 1.5 hours to transition and upskill my team members on my reports.

I have still 6 hours to perform some of my BAU stuff. But then I realise, I need to perform another 1.5 hours for team deliverables like meetings, updating logs and ensuring capacity is up to date.

That brings me to only 4.5 hours to perform my BAU activity.

I ended up my work by 8:30 pm and arrive home at 9:30. I got home and take a warm shower, then I did a 15 minute yoga meditation. By 10pm, I’m drinking my hot lemon juice and preparing to go to bed with my book on my hand and candle at my bedside. By 11 am, I fall asleep, dreaming of another fruitful day.

It’s been quite a beautiful routine.


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