Why she stayed quiet? 

I often asked myself, why I always choose to be quiet? 

Maybe Im just a lazy dork who is an anti social person who don’t believe in unnecessary noise. 

I just don’t feel the need to speak up. I’m not even shy but maybe I just don’t like unnecessary noise and unproductive talks. 

Though, certainly I love to listen. I love to listen on a production and relevant matters. I don’t like rumors and crazy foul mounted words of dirty tongues. 

I’m just plainly boring, I guess. 

I don’t have enough experience like for example, I haven’t been in a relationship, I haven’t experience those millenials kind of experiences,  I’m such an old soul. Maybe a conservative girl. 

In the end, she choose to be quiet because it’s not her league and it’s just simple doesn’t make sense to her. 

Maybe she’s un interested and maybe she is pissed off. 

She is different outside, a mysterious girl with a broken wing. 


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