How can I control

How can I satisfy

The world of question

The sounding cry of curiosity

There are mysteries

Remain uncovered

Remain unsolved

Though, one thing is sure

Secrets are slowly building

Lies are everywhere

For mysteries are bound to remain



Two worlds meant to collide

Different cause at unusual cost 

How surreal? 

How tempting? 

Do we begin again?

Counting backward

Until the moon shallow the sun

The infinity and chaos

Lurking in the dark

Now, I think I’m lost 

Lost with your unending game

Lost with your ambiguous riddle

But I’m hopeful 

Soon, an answer will unfold

The other side

Along the way 

I hear you say

An empty words 

Sharp like a sword

I am not okay

I am battling inside

I am doubting a lot 

Then I look around 

A glimpse of new tomorrow 

A beautiful sound

A daunting place 

Of the other side 



With you, I can’t ask for more

Together, it’s like living in fantasy

With you, my heart is at ease

I can be brave

I am fearless

Nothing seems wrong

Everything is possible

Together, it’s like a dream come true

So hold my hands

Pull me a bit closer

Be with me

Because together

I think I can be invincible

Ms Randomatic

What stroke of luck brings me to you?
Only to realize that I am doomed to be just a random choice

It’s an empty cause

For a bounty hunt

I’m daunting to get even

But my love is so pure

And my heart is at rest

For another chance to love

Just another moment

Of Miss Randomatic heart